COVID-19 Support for Nomads

We're building a list of resources, activities, & offerings from fellow nomads & rad organizations. Digital Mueseum Tours, Happy Hours, House Concerts, Cooking Classes, Give Aways, Open Mics, and more! 


What is the Good Vibe Collective?

The mission of the Good Vibe Collective is to grow a vibrant community for nomadic and aspiring travelers through outdoor activities, events, caravans, and community engagement. 


In 2019, Matt Alexander led the first Good Vibe Caravan from San Diego, California to a vanlife meetup outside of Jackson, Wyoming. 

The idea was simple: bring people together and lead them on an epic road trip. This trip led to another caravan, and another, and another, and a community started to grow.


Captain Matt and his caravan crew were inspired by their new nomadic friends leading vanlife events around the world. The good vibes and skill-sharing that took place at these events filled a community void in their lives. They missed having a 'neighborhood' they could look to for support, encouragement, resources, and daily GOOD VIBES.  

Throughout the rest of the year, Matt continued to lead successful, collaborative caravans and meetups, and formed a team to bring the vision of a Collective into reality.


Over the last year the Good Vibe Collective has participated in dozens of events, traveled 100,000+ miles, and set up planned and spontaneous nomadic communities in more than 40 states.

In 2020 we're growing our community and building the resources of our collective to support nomadic adventures and community building around North America! 

It's free and easy to join! We look forward to welcoming you as our newest nomadic neighbor!

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